The Muon Token

The Muon utility token is used to incentivize the muon network ecosystem.

Muon Token use case

Muon token covers both the insurance and the infrastructure cost of the nodes.

The transaction fee is used primarily to pay for the insurance of the node’s stake, which is used to verify the transaction, and also for the actual node infrastructure.

The amount sent is divided between the nodes that process the transaction.

The Muon protocol aims to be a low-cost, decentralised infrastructure, similar to AWS, rather than a common, expensive blockchain infrastructure.

Muon TokenMuon Token

The $MUON Utility-Token

Muon utility token is the building block of the entire ecosystem and acts as a vehicle of service to incentivize network participants.

Muon Tokens exist on multiple chains with their balances and transactions being saved simultaneously on all chains. Muon nodes check user balances spanning the chains before allowing a transaction to run or fail.

Muon token covers the transaction and infrastructure cost to nodes. It is sent along with the request for data to pay the node for verifying that data.

Token Distribution

30% - Ecosystem Incentives
10% - Seed Round
15% -  Private Sale
15% - Initial Liquidity and Liquidity Incentives
19% - Team & Development
6% - Partner & Advisors
5% - Marketing

Token Release Schedule

30% of the tokens will be used to provide incentives to nodes unlocked in 30 months
19% is allocated to the team with a 12-month vested cliff and unlocked in 18 months after
15% will be sold in three rounds of private sales and unlocked in 19 months
15% will be used to provide initial liquidity on exchanges + liquidity incentives and unlocked in 12 months
10% will be sold during the seed round for initial strategic investors and unlocked in 38 months
6% will be allocated for Muon partners and advisors with a 12-month vested cliff and unlocked in 12 months after
5% will be used to pay for marketing expenses in 30 months

The Muon total supply amounts to 120M tokens and will be slowly released over the course of 38 months.  Ecosystem incentives will begin 3 months after launch, with incremental payouts to node hosts.


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The private sale round for Partners and Strategic Investors is currently ongoing.

Public Sales starts thereafter will be open to the DEUS Finance and DAO Maker communities, as well as Muon whitelist applicants.

Total Hardcap: $2,940,000

Thereafter, an LGE will be held in addition to a centralized exchange listing.

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