Muon Particle Accelerator

Supercharge your Web3 token launch

Everything you need to run a secure,
fair and successful token launch

The Muon Launch-Services offers the best of both worlds:
It's secure and fair like a centralized IDO, yet also rug-proof, decentralized and permissionless.

It will launch your token fully cross-chain and offers many comfort features your investors are looking for.

Leave behind current constraints

No need for wrappers, conversions, third-party oracles, bridges or other off-chain solutions. Remove technical hurdles for your developers and unnecessary fees for your project & users.

Sit back and enjoy the Muon cross-chain advantage, while your competition is still strategizing which chain to go on and where to compromise.

Muon Token

Find out how you can leverage the muon technology to secure and boost your launch.


Take your launch to the next level

Multichain Token Deployment

Deploy your token securely to multiple chains at once

Capitalize on the performance, hype or low gas fees the different ecosystems bring - take along the OGs on Ethereum as well as the Moonboys from BSC.

Powerful Custom Whitelisting

Customizable pre-sale contracts tailored to your community and incentive scheme

The muon launchpad offers an easy framework to customize your token presale

Leverage parameters like wallet characteristics, pre-existing whitelists and other custom scripts to make sure the right investors can join.

Multichain Claiming
& Customizable Vesting

Make claiming & vesting a breeze

Let your users decide which chain to claim on at time of token release.

Custom automated & timed vesting schedules ensure a smooth release of your private-sale tokens.

Multichain Staking
& LP Locking

Lower gas costs and enable compounding systems

Create easy & secure custom staking programs to let your token holders stake to provide liquidity or to lock their tokens for extra rewards.

A value added compounding feature to lets your users stake on one chain but claim on another chain (with lower gas fees).

Example: Stake on Ethereum chain <> Claim on Polygon chain

This unique feature allows for compounding services: Let your users claim & deposit on other chains.

Multichain Liquidity
& LP Auto-Locking

(Offered in collaboration with DEI)

Rug-proof multichain-liquidity programs.
*service offered in combination with the partnering DEI cross-chain stable token)

Our support-engineers can prepare a custom launch-set in approx. 1-2 business days. Let us know your requirements and ideas, we'll advise and support you.