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Decentralized cloud computing, cross-chain bridge interfacing and
secure oracles for gaming, DeFi and dApps.

Redefine what you thought possible with blockchain. Then build it.
Muon Network

“Imagine the ideal protocol. It would have the most trustworthy third party imaginable — a deity who is on everybody’s side..."

Nick Szabo - 1997

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The Muon Advantage

Muon Network is your secure, hyperconnected and
decentralized "meta-hardware".

Perfect for scaling your web3 operations.

Seamless scalability

Break through previous limitations

Whereas blockchain scalability is limited, or highly influenced by, the preservation of state across nodes, Muon doesn't need to. The Muon network is not a chain, nor does it permanently store data. Because of that, the network can scale horizontally with ease without any limits.

With Muon, any web3 (and based) application can securely make use of external data without having to worry about the validity of its origins, the security of such, and near-instantaneous response times (sub block time).

Decentralized Computation

Take care of business

Muon's decentralized autonomous nodes operate like a VPS (virtual private server) and can therefore run anything that could run on a Linux server.

With Muon, any Web3 app can run high-level, tamper-proof computations (Python, Java, C, C++, Rust, etc...) within its own Muon app container. Nodes running the same Application can gossip and even work together, forming a decentralized super-computer.

This structure opens up Muon dApps to a much broader range of functions, bridging different blockchains, oracles, and off-chain data, rather than being limited to a single chain.

Go anywhere

Think outside of the box

Muon creates bridges between all blockchains. Think of Muon-bridges as a cross-chain data application - and not just limited to tokens. Any type of data can be bridged cross-chain with Muon.

Muon is like the Amazon Web Services (AWS) of the decentralized universe. Securely computing, verifying, and sending data between blockchain protocols & dApps.

You can contact our team for partnership inquiries, developer support or other questions via our Discord. Once verified, head to the #support channel and our Moderators will set you up with the team. Our team consists of various dedicated working groups to make sure any type of inquiry can be met with our full support.

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